Hale Kai - Our 58’ Offshore Pilothouse

Summary Overview

Our 58’ Offshore Pilothouse proved its seaworthiness during its shakedown cruise in April 94 during the ‘storm-of-the-decade’ in Southern California inter-coastal waters [http://articles.latimes.com/1994-04-25/news/mn-50287_1_wave-breaks-cruise-shipwindow]. Our float plan called for cruising to Avalon to pickup family then south around the bottom of San Clemente out to Santa Barbara Island around the west-end of Catalina back to Avalon and then home to Newport Harbor. Our Daughter standing the midnight watch commented that she preferred the clouds obscuring the full moon rather than seeing the moon-illuminated canyons we faced going up-seas on the outside of San Clemente.

Even after rounding the west-end, winds and seas on the lee-side of Catalina prevented us from safely deploying our tender or to take a crew member to shore [all docks had been pulled up]. When we arrived in Avalon, the harbor had been closed to commercial vessels and shore boats even refused to offload a crew member. Undaunted, Hale Kai S-curved our way back to Newport Harbor where we were greeted by hundreds of spectators who lined the shore and breakwaters to witness the storm.

Whether pushing our way thought ice flows in Alaska, skiing down twenty footers driven by Gale-force winds off Northern California, crossing unmarked reef-strewn shallow banks or bouncing through 15’ moguls off the north-eastern tip of Columbia; Hale Kai has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.



Praise from a New Member of the Offshore Family

"We have been boating in the Inside Passage for more than 30 years with an emphasis on fishing. Over three years ago we began the search for a new boat that would provide us with a few more creature comforts, while still allowing us to access remote areas and shorelines where the fish like to hide.

After a great deal of research, we determined that the OFFSHORE ™ was the ideal boat for the Northwest waters that we travel. We connected with John Olson, (who gets the award for the most patient boat broker of all time!), and began looking at various new and used Offshores’, visiting boat shows across the country, and searching for the right boat for our specific needs.

We wanted to be able to operate the boat ourselves with just the two of us on board. We wanted it to be comfortable and functional for long distance cruising, but be outfitted for hard core fishing, fish processing, and storage. John listened to us talk about all of these goals, and took several stabs at designs for new boats, as well as strategies for customizing existing hull designs.

In the end, thanks to John, we found the perfect boat for us, and could not be more thrilled.

Once purchased, the entire boat was refitted to transition it to a fishing vessel. John and his team worked with us continually to assist us in getting the boat properly outfitted.

We are proud to be new members of the OFFSHORE™ family.

Sincerely, "

Tamar and Steve Goodfellow


"I am just back from the maiden voyage of the Taipan VI.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much we LOVE our boat!!!!!!!

The "six" as I call her, fully lived up to her legacy as a fishing machine (the most important issue for Steve!), but equally important, the whole boat worked wonderfully for both of us.  We could handle it perfectly with just the two of us.  All of your special designs, ie; the vacuum packer, new freezer, fish cleaning station, etc. worked perfectly and created a lot more ease, and we were comfortable, had great visibility in bad weather, etc. etc. etc.

I could go on and on.  We are just so thrilled.  

We hope that if you are ever in the Northwest we can get you aboard so that you can see the result of all your hours of hard work on our behalf.  

We also want to thank you again, for your patience, time, energy, accommodating our crazy schedule, etc. It was wonderful to work with you, and while I don't anticipate we'll be upgrading anytime soon, you are definitely the man we will call if that day ever comes.  

Again, thanks for everything.  

Tamar (and Steve) Goodfellow


Praise from a New Offshore Owner

"Pat and I REALLY love our new Offshore 76. Now that we have had a week or two aboard, we are beginning to notice the extra thought and care that went into designing and outfitting her. We wake up every morning and our first words are, "We love our boat!" Our thanks to everyone in your organization for making the transition easy.

In Ft. Lauderdale, the team at the Harbor Town office: Captain Palmer, Captain Davis, Rich, Mary Jane. They unfailingly went out of their way to get us an answer or make a connection.

I enjoyed meeting Chris at the boat show -- very knowledgeable and helpful. And special thanks to you and Rojo for direct involvement and ready phone numbers. Very impressive responsiveness.

Finally, Geir, who made it all happen. He is simply a perfect representative of your company: honest, persistent, cheerful, and the kind of old salt that appeals to other old salts like me. Together you all make quite a team, and we feel very lucky to have chosen Offshore."

Terry Baxter


Comments overheard at the Miami Boat Show

"Looks like a ship. It's a different world." (on the Offshore 76)

"Man, this is smooth! Beautiful, the whole boat is sweet."

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I'm floored!" (on the Offshore 64)

"Attention to detail like I've never seen." (from the wife of a naval architect on Offshore 76)


Happy Owner:

I will definitely stop by and see you (at the San Diego Boat Show). I am anxious to see the new 64 that you have at the show.
Since I purchased my 48, I have gained much respect for the brand. Man what a boat Offshore builds!
See you at the show.

Carl C. Jones



Comments overheard at the San Diego Boat Show

"The details are just gorgeous."
"By far the best--this is it!"
"I'm in love."
"This is my favorite so far."
"Wow, holy mackerel! Geeez, this is cool."
"Awesome boat."
"Oh, wow, very classy!"
"These are incredible!"
"Nicely done, very impressive."
"Love your boat, great feel."
"The space is so well conceived."
"Don't have to go any further than this one."
"Sign me up."
"This is heavenly."


A Sportfishers Tale - Offshore 55

“As I told you Wait-N-Sea was top marlin boat in California last year (2001). Lynn (Jasper) loves her as she should. Lynn was top marlin angler for both men and women.”

“I hope you can use our experience to show off that the

Offshore can hold its own with the best of the sportfishers.”
--Gary Jasper


Comments overheard at the Lido Boat Show

"You guys make gorgeous boats. I have always admired them."
"The quality is just exceptional."
"This is just awesome. This is the boat show winner!"
"That's a lotta boat!"
"I'm ready to move in." 


Comments overheard at the Newport Boat Show

"Of all the boats, this one (Offshore 72') has the best plan."
"Is this new?" (regarding a 21 year old Offshore 48)
"These guys make great boats."
"I love these. It's like the Bentley of boats."
From a male visitor: "I like your engine room, impressive."
Then, from his wife: "Even I was impressed, and engine rooms
don't usually turn me on."
"They do it right, don't they? Awesome."
"The Cal Deck is just totally bitchen."


Yachting Magazine: Voyager 85 Feature Article Quotes

* "... every so often, there comes a yacht that is so beautifully executed and built that it makes others pale by comparison, and that's the case with the new Offshore 85 Voyager."

* " Ask about his yacht, and you'll get your ear bent on how well it performs in all types of weather."

* "... the Offshore 85 is delivered with a long list of standard equipment."

* "Though handsome in profile, the Offshore 85 is no mere marina queen, but a yacht to be appreciated and savored by an owner who plans to venture far afield in luxury and safety."


Comments overheard at the San Diego Boat Show (on the 72’)

* “We’ll stay right here.”
* “Always a work of art.”
* “Very impressive, ship like.”
* “This is absolutely the prettiest boat.”


What Do Our Owners Say About Us?

From Catalina to Canada, our Offshore has given us great adventures and wonderful memories. After owning many boats, we believe that no other brand can give the total satisfaction of an Offshore. And, the Offshore family makes the experience complete.

Dick and Helaine Whilden
52’ Offshore Pilothouse, Take Time
Manhattan Beach, California


From the time we ordered our Offshore 54’ Pilothouse until now, four years later, we’ve had only wonderful experiences. The commissioning process was really fun because the Offshore crew was so friendly and professional. The quality of an Offshore yacht speaks for itself. On our journeys to Mexico, British Columbia, and Alaska, many other boaters have said to us, “We wish we had an Offshore.” We love our boat, Safari, and have had no problems. It’s the perfect cruising boa ­­­­-- we wouldn't change a thing.

Gay and Wyman Harris
54’ Offshore Pilothouse, Safari

If you are going to spend your money on a quality cruising boat, there is no better place to go than Offshore West. We are proud to be part of the Offshore family. Our salesman Chris, president John, and commissioning expert Rojo and his wonderful crew, Pablo, Modesto, and Jose, typify the excellence of the company. The boats are well built and beautiful, the service first rate, and we can’t imagine cruising and living aboard on any other boat. Offshore definitely deserves its excellent reputation.

Bill and Rebbie Bates
Offshore 48’ Pilothouse, Rebozo
Roche Harbor, Washington


"This is just a short note to tell you how delighted we are with our Offshore 54. Nancy and I are in Cherry Cove, Catalina Island, on the first anniversary of taking delivery of La Sirena. I just asked Nancy if this boat was all that she hoped it would be and her answer was, "It is more."
Sure, we've had some problems and the cheerful people at Offshore West have responded with efficiency and competence. When we moved from sail to power we decided to go with a new, top-of-the-line boat and a proven support team. It is the only way to go.

Unlike the typical "production" boat company, you catered to our desires and gave us good advice on the innovations we built into our boat. We've tested this boat with 540 hours and over 4000 miles in the first year, and you've stood behind the entire adventure. Again, Nancy and I want to thank you and your team for this last year, and we look forward to working with the Offshore people over the long and exciting life of La Sirena. "

John and Nancy Celick
Offshore 54’ Pilothouse, La Sirena
Los Angeles, CA


To Whom It May Concern:

Chris Murray has been as reliable as a barometer in introducing us to the Offshore family of boats and people during the last several years.  We have, for the last eight years, dreamed and fantasized cruising British Columbia and Southeast Alaska..  Recently, two 54 Offshore pilothouse boats became available in Seattle, Washington.

From the beginning of the purchasing process Chris was there for us, whether it was in Newport Beach or Seattle.  Chris answered questions and presented computerized comparison charts of boats and equipment involved in prior Offshore boat sales.  In short, he provided information and opinion that increased our comfort level in purchasing a Pacific Northwest boat while residing in Southern California boat.

It was time to go to Seattle to see “the boat”.  Chris was there before we arrived.  He flew from Orange County Airport and we flew from Long Beach.  When we arrived at the boat Chris had the snow and ice cleared, the boat covers off, the diesel heater on “full”, and the boat in a very attractive condition.  Later, Chris organized the sea trial, the surveys and the haul-out into a day of seamless inspection of the boat.

The boat is purchased in Seattle.  Usually, the broker would be gone at that point.  However, Chris’ participation doesn’t end.  We wanted some post-sale work done on the new “Sparrows Point”.  Chris, working closely with Robert Scott of Alliance Yacht Sales, facilitated the purchase, fabrication and installation of an exceptional bridge enclosure for the boat.

We have owned Sparrows Point for about a month at this point and Chris is still part of the “crew”.  He is still there in Newport Beach or Seattle, as close as his cell phone.  He still answers important questions, such as:  “Where is the electric switch for the VacuFlush?” or “What does the switch near the cook-top control?”

Our experience buying an Offshore boat in the Pacific Northwest with Offshore West and Chris Murray was and is PRICELESS. 

Jan and Bryan Brown
Sparrows Point