The foundation of Offshore Yachts was laid during World War II when steel shortages led the U. S. Navy to consider alternative construction materials. Richard O. Hunt, future founder of Offshore Yachts, pioneered the use of laminated fiberglass in the construction of auxiliary navy boats. After the war, Richard went on to build the first laminated fiberglass pleasure cruisers. In 1958, Richard's sons joined him in the business, and continued the legacy.

Offshore's first association with its signature deep fore-foot hull design came in the 1960s. Renowned naval architect William Crealock had used the deep fore-foot design for the very successful high-speed Marauders of the 1960s and 70s. In 1983 Crealock developed the deep-fore-foot design for our Offshore 48s, and all our subsequent models incorporate this same proven soft riding design feature.

offshore-history Richard Hunt (right) shown with some of his post-war models

Our deep, finely-Veed forward sections result in a sharp, destroyer-type entry which cuts through seas, eliminating slapping and pounding. An Offshore's deep fore-foot combined with the location of fixed weights (engines) and liquid weights low in the hull and at the center of buoyancy produces the best ride on the water. Hence our motto:
"Offshore - The softest ride on the water."